HARDEES go all in

Changing the narrative
of the fast food culture.

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Hardee's UAE was on a mission to transform its business and achieving higher recognition 
in an overly saturated market. They were getting lost within the landscape and their brand 
message was getting faded by en ever-changing generation of consumers that wanted part 
of something more real and authentic.  

While other brands were blowing their whistles in favour of healthy and lean, a side of the 
fast food culture still kept it's true nature of going all in. Keeping it real and authentic though, 
yet loyal to their sauce-dripping high fat, greasy craving and desires for a super burger. 

Hardee's wanted to be part of that conversation and lead the way for a more authentic  
generation of consumers by being the voice that speaks and encourages to GO ALL IN. 
And by reaching out to a younger generation, with a completely new brand positioning 
and message, we made the brand GO ALL IN with an unapologetic approach to the fast 
food culture and spirit. 


Real & Unapologetic

We build on the brand spirit, one that says "fu*k you" to all the progressive fast food 
chains; the anti- beef campaigners; the clean & lean puritans; the "no-mess" pseudo 
fast foodies out there. One that says "Dig in and get messy". One that says "No remorse". 
Because in the end, its about enjoying the experience. We brought this idea through a 
new brand positioning and brand personality, and with that, a brand transformation in every level. 

To celebrate the unapologetic nature of the New Hardee's, we created a fresh and bold 
take on every touchpoint. Tone of voice dictated the way consumers engaged with the 
products. And the new illustration style added a lighthearted emotional storytelling to 
the brand experience. 

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HARDEES go all in
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Giovanni Bordé

HARDEES go all in

Hardee's UAE was on a mission to transform its business and achieving higher recognition in an overly saturated market. By reaching out to a youn Read More