Bold new art. Bright new start
Bold NEw Art. Bright New Start

To brighten up the year ahead, we shared an uplifting and exclusive gift to our partners and friends in order to create awareness for a cause we care about: the Media Diversity Institute. An organisation that encourages accurate and nuanced reporting on ethnic, disability, gender and sexual identity issues in media landscapes around the world. To spread the message of diversity and equality, we worked with five exceptional artists to create outstanding artworks: Kate Moross, Craig & Karl, Aurelia Durand, Vicente García Morillo  & Josephine Rais.  

Creative concept & project lead: Maria Miemietz
Creative Director & print production: Daniel Vargas Diaz
Art Director, UI & UX: Tasnim Bhuiyan
Artists: Kate Moross, Josephine Rais, Aurelia Durand, Craig & Karl, Vicente García Morillo
Email Campaign implementation: Labor Digital

Special Thanks to the whole Adobe Studio Team and to Craft Circus Berlin!

Bold new art. Bright new start
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