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All Good Springs
Graphic Design

Designed by Alex Dang 
~ Photo by Geno Korner

'All Good Springs' is the Lucky Envelope Collection with my intention of refreshing the cheerful traditional atmosphere of Vietnam's Tet holiday. When the social distancing occurs, I decided to explore the peaceful and amusing spring mood in my home instead of enjoying Tet outside as usual. In these overwhelming end-of-year days, I realize that this is also an opportunity to perceive the typical Tet atmosphere and appreciate the most glorious moment of the new year.  

After several days wandering at home, I capture an outstanding and memorable image that I have not noticed before on my ancestor altar. That is a scene of Bat Trang ceramic flower vases with the light filtered by bamboo blinds, evoking a nostalgic yet delightful holiday spirit. Surprisingly, the initial inspiration for my design sparks up.


Staying away from the usual Tet animal mascots, I decide to invite people’s attention and concern to the fundamental of spring - nature. Inspired by folk paintings, the concept of four prosperity trees - “Tùng Cúc Trúc Mai” (pine, daisy, bamboo, and apricot blossoms) is reproduced in a minimal and symbolic aesthetic while pairing with fresh and colorful tints (inspired from the color palette of our currency). The familiar vases in your home this year are no more filled with flowers but “luck - the money” that is ready to deliver to your beloved ones.

The cut-out structure of the envelope expresses elegant curvy shapes and also inside greeting cards. This design upgrade the ordinary design of lucky envelopes and exhibits the main concept of Bat Trang ceramic vases. Moreover, patterns of both outer and inner components promote the continuous yet illusory effect that engages more excitement.


To promote the idea of happiness and prosperity, I select the three most appropriate words to describe my wishes in this Lunar New Year: Tết (Spring) - Tốt (Good) - Tất (All). The wordplay from the key message ‘Tết Tốt Tất - All Good Springs’ depicts the best of luck and happiness in Tet Holiday, recapturing the Vietnamese custom of wishing New Year greetings and giving lucky money. This content also reflects the beauty of Vietnamese - our language and sets the rhythm to these poetric wishes. 

This project also determines my belief in this New Year's good fortune, prosperity, and health awaiting everyone after the previous catastrophic year. Let's welcome our new dawn of 2021.
*Tết + Tất + Tốt 

"Tết Tất Tốt"  -  Spring is Certainly Good 
"Tết Tốt Tất"  -  Spring makes Everything Good 
"Tốt Tất Tết"  -  When it’s Good, it’s Spring
"Tất Tốt Tết"  -  Everything is Good in Spring

All Good Springs