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    Celebrity + Animal = Grunge Poster X
"Grunge design is not really my style.
However I found it interesting in some ways."
This poster is originally a work I did in Technical Products class last year. It's a bit colourful than this new version. In the beginning I used an image of Justin Timberlake and a bear's head, put them together in photoshop, did some sharpen & adjustment + textures filter to complete the poster. Then I named it "BEar COOL". At this time there were a premier of his new single "Suit & Tie". After the poster's finished, I decided to make a few more with the same style & other famous singers.

Finally, here they are:
Justin Timberlake. "Suit & Tie"
Katy Perry. "Roar"
Lady Gaga. "Applause"
Beyoncé. "Grown Woman"
Thanks for watching!
It has meant alot to me for all the great feedback.