Personal Branding Project. 
As I got a new logo from a guy called Jorgen Grotdal, I decided to make some mockups where I used the logo. Hope you appreachiate my work. 
The intire setup. 
The envelopes. 
The business cards. 
The letterhead. For sending letters to costumers with an awesome message. 
A close look at the letterhead. 
A lookbook. Stay tuned for more on that. 
The logo printe on a piece of cardboard. 
The logo used on my website. Here on a iPhone. 
The logo used on my website. Here on a MacBook. 
The typography. Nexa and Museo.
Colors used for the project. 
Thanks for watching!
 Hope you enjoyed it, and please share, appreciate, comment and check out my website. 
 Robert Kalstad. ©2013.