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わふわふ新聞 創刊1号/ WAF WAF NEWS PAPER Vol.1
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    Wall Art Festival News Paper
about "Wall Art Festival"
If there is a white wall, the desire to draw is in the nature of everyone who sees…
However, people don't because they know that it is mischievous.
But, if the white wall is the school's, and they were allowed to draw to their heart's content….it's so exciting!!
In Wall Art Festival, two artists, one from India, the other from Japan,
will each draw on the majority of the wall in two separate classrooms, in one session.
An Art Festival where both the artist and audience can be absorbed…
The enthusiasm of the artist and the audience will be at the heart of this Festival.
The wall cannot be sold.
The picture won't be left, remaining for only short time.
However, the spark of the moment at drawing and at erasing will live on forever.
On February, 2013, Ganjad village, Maharashtra India will be a day of inspiration for all involved.
A festival of art that has no possibility to be exhibited in a museum as it is. It is unique….