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Working From Home? Tips to Stay Focused As a Financial

Working From Home? Tips to Stay Focused As a Financial Advisor From David Walter Osborne
David Walter Osborne Wants to Help You Focus While Working From Home As a Financial Advisor

 David Walter Osborne, president, and founder of OA Capital knows that many financial advisors are now working from home thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. While many people are excited about working from home, many people underestimate just how challenging it can be to stay focused when you are not working in the office. Here are a few tips that you should follow to help you focus if you are working from home as a financial advisor. 

David Walter Osborne Recommends Setting a Schedule and Making an Itinerary
David Walter Osborne recommends that you always set a work schedule and make a daily itinerary. When you are working in the office, you have set office hours and you have a schedule of which clients you will see and when. You should be doing the same thing at home. Set a schedule so you know when your workday starts and ends. From there, make a schedule with all of the phone calls or Zoom meetings you may have, as well as the other tasks you need to complete. This helps you to visualize your day and set aside time to complete the tasks you need to complete. 

David Walter Osborne Advises You To Take Breaks and To Stretch
David Walter Osborne also advises you to take breaks and stretch if you are working from home. As a financial advisor, you may be staring at numbers all day long. Take the time to rest your eyes, stretch your arms and legs, and eat regularly. This helps you to avoid getting stressed, having numbers and letters blur together, getting brain fog, and getting burnt out. While this is a great way to focus while working from home, this is also a great tip to follow if you go back to working in the office as well. 

David Walter Osborne States You Need to Limit Social Media and Silence Your Personal Calls and Texts
Lastly, David Walter Osborne states that you need to find a way to limit distractions, such as social media or personal texts and phone calls. You may need to put certain people on your phone on "Do Not Disturb" mode, or you may need to download extensions that block social media websites on your work computer during certain times of the day. This can help you to focus solely on work, and avoid all the other distractions that may get in the way without a boss or co-workers looking over your shoulder. 

President and founder of OA Capital, David Walter Osborne, realize that financial advisors have gone from working in offices to working from home. This may lead to it becoming easier to be distracted while working. For some people, staying focused working from home can be challenging. But, the above tips can help you to remain focused and get your job done.

David Walter Osborne Knows Working From Home Can Be Challenging. Following These Tips Can Help You to Focus As a Financial Advisor. 

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Working From Home? Tips to Stay Focused As a Financial

Working From Home? Tips to Stay Focused As a Financial


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