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    Idea of the character design I did in my MA final project, concept artworks for 2D cartoon animation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
At the early stage of this project, I struggled for a while to establish the style for this project. I intend to achieve a stylised cartoon using basic graphic shape. The problem I found was some of my drawing's having wobbly shape and not simple enough. I tried to present the character personalities and simplised their appearances with basic geometric shapes.
They look too young
Final design of Harry Potter
With or without outline
At first, I drew my characters with thick black outline. The outline could make my character stand out from the background. However, I decided to drop out the outline when the project went on at some point because I thought the character look more appealing without the outline.
Hagrid with and without outline
The Hungarian Horntail dragon with and without outline.
Here are some of my character design I did in this project
Hermione/ Harry / Ron
The Four contestants in Tri Wizard Tournament.
Fluer Delacour
Lord Voldermort's transformation
Lord Voldermort's regianed his power
Death Eaters
Death Eaters Army

For all my projects, work in progress and unrealeased renders and designs
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