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    Hybrid human-animals theatre posters for La Grange de Dorigny.
La Grange de Dorigny (theatre posters)
During Summertime 2013, I was commissioned by Unicom (the communication agency of UNIL -
University of Lausanne) to work on La Grange de Dorigny theatre posters. The concept of using animal heads on human bodies was proposed by Unicom, as a natural transition from La Grange previous posters (La Grange, as its name implies, is a former farm and already used animals silhouettes previously).

My job was to shoot the pictures (except for the stock-photos animals) and propose 6 posters and photomontages. Further lettering and graphic design was handled by Unicom.
Photos: Jean-Sébastien Monzani
Concept: Unicom / UNIL
Client: La Grange de Dorigny