Think With Google Mag


Graphic identity and editorial design of Think With Google Mag, a monthly booklet with data, insights, and inspirations of Think With Google platform. The visual communication presents the product in a unique and unusual language, exploring the connection between printed and digital universes.

We decided to use the “click bait” concept,  building a new meaning for Google’s magnifying glass. Provocative headlines invite you to take a careful and closer look at information, going to the core of it. By doing so, you get pixels. The Google pixels. 

For Google, 2018-2019
16 different editions: every month, the TWG MAG spoke on new trends and insights, with powerful headlines and matching colourful pixelated illustrations.
1 Hero, 4 dots: Each edition contained one hero article and four different insight dots, drops of extra content from the online platform,.
Think With Google Mag