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    Environmental design for the "NATO Summit Lisbon" event, 2010
NATO Summit Lisbon
The huge dimension (35.000 m2), thousands of users, the complex system of permissions and
estrictions in circulation and costs for being an ephemeral 2 days event, were the main constraints. Chromatic and aesthetic options were reduced to the essential in order to create a visible, clear and effective wayfinding system. On carpet pavement and for the main circulation, white inscriptions shape a black “dorsal spine”. On the center of the main conference hall pavement was applied an image illustrating the links between all those involved. On the ceiling of the press area was placed a large lettering mirrored spiral. An installation of fluorescent lamps highlights the main meeting foyer. This was designed to create an economic but striking entry.

FIL — Feira Internacional de Lisboa, 2010, Lisboa, Portugal
Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Portugal
Partners: Risco Arquitectos
Design director: Nuno Gusmão, Pedro Anjos
Designers: Giuseppe Greco, Miguel Matos, Miguel Cochofel, Mário Videira
Photos: FG+SG