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#SayHerName is a social movement that seeks to raise awareness for Black women who are victims of police brutality and anti-Black violence in the United States. It was started by the brilliant Kimberlé Crenshaw from the African American Policy Forum (AAPF).

We were tasked with campaign strategy & development, illustrating some of these women, creating a map highlighting police brutality, annual reports and on going social media pieces. In addition to this campaign, we worked on several major campaigns such as #TruthBeTold. These are selected materials.

Social Awareness Commitments
We worked with the families of victims to ensure that the illustrations accurately represented and honored these women.
With the application of a social justice lens, we made sure not to perpetuate further trauma with our illustration aesthetics.

Charleena Lyles
6/18/17 | Seattle WA | 30 years old
Charleena called the police to report an attempted burglary at her home.
She was shot and killed by officers responding to her call.
Officers said she displayed a knife upon their arrival to her home.
Charleena was three months pregnant with her fourth child when she was killed.

Korryn Gaines
8/1/16| Baltimore, MA | 23 years old
Shot and killed with her son in her arms.
When Gaines noticed police attempting to force entry that day in August, she sat down in her living room with a legally owned firearm, and a 6-hour standoff ensued.
Officer Ruby fired several shots from outside of her apartment, then he entered the apartment and shot Gaines three more times, killing her.

Kayla Moore
2/22/13| Berkley, CA | 41 years old
Kayla Moore was a transgender woman experiencing a mental health crisis and was killed in her home.
Her roommate had summoned police for help.
Officers attempted to arrest her on a warrant for a man 20 years her senior who held her dead name.
Several officers overpowered Kayla in her own bedroom, suffocating her to death in the process.

India Kager
9/5/15 | Virginia Beach | 27 years old
Shot and killed by Virginia Beach Police while sitting in the car with her 4-month-old son.
Officers fired 30 rounds into the car in under 15 seconds, killing India and Angelo.
Perry and disabling their baby • Police did not have arrest warrants for either of them.

National visualization of Black women who were killed by the police.

Annual report 2020.

People were rightfully outraged about Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacist groups, with this campaign, we called for a similar outrage about Trump’s attempt to away the ability to name and fight white supremacy. Saying that anti-racism is racist has a long history (and needs to be dismantled), as it it portrayed in this campaign.

We created several social media pieces to tackle different parts of this campaign.

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