Under Production is a guide to the production process of print design & digital publishing. During the second semester of the master programme communication design at University of Applied Sciences Graz we had various lectures & workshops covering step by step the chain of production – anatomy of printing machines & techniques, project management, paper, finishing, book binding, e-publishing etc.
The project itself was to create a collection of the in-depth knowledge we gathered throughout the semester. We decided to create a bundle of brochures, each of those workshops eventually becoming one booklet. Colored paper and only one printing color was part of the concept we came up with. Every booklets' cover has it's own unique descriptive lettering. We also created an e-book version of Under Production.
We produced an interactive e-book as well as an online-blog that captured the lecture's content.
Art Direction, Editorial:
Katharina Auferbauer, Mathias Kaiser, Katrin Kohl, Sophia Pieber
Katrin Kohl, Clifford Deutschmann, Matthias Gasser, Sophia Pieber, Martina Edelhofer,
Anna Kleindinst, Roland Mariacher, Barbara Höfler, Lisa Kehrer

Lettering "Under Production", "Buchbinderei" Anna Kleindinst
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Under Production