Visual Identity: Open Electives at NID

Visual Identity for Open Electives at the National Institute of Design

For 2021's virtual edition of Open Electives, we were commissioned by NID to create a visual identity that captures NID's vision for futures clouded in uncertainty, in response to the pandemic which shook up our perception of normalcy and normativity.

Our response to this brief was a visual that interprets this state of flux that the pandemic has left us in, and a meditation on the transient nature of the internet where our education currently resides.

Open Elective Registration Portal

Posters for the Open Call for Instructors
Downloadable Course Catalogue for Students

Typeset in various weights of Work Sans, and primarily in black and white, with accents of green, this visual identity seeks to exhibit the state of flux that we're in, amidst the process of going fully digital this year. 
The Logo is generated via Kiel DM's Space Type Generator.

Thanks to all collaborators and co-creators, and to faculty guides Rishi and Tanishka, and Piyush Bhai at the IT Centre, at NID Ahmedabad.​​​​​​​

Visual Identity: Open Electives at NID