Geometric Language of Anatolian Seljuk Art
“Geometric Language of Anatolian Seljuk Art” is a two-year great effort by Serap Ekizler Sönmez and a great source especially for architects, mathematicians, art historians, science historians, designers, traditional artists and those who are interested in geometric pattern analysis.

The 3-volume book is containing, 64 architectural works from 23 different Anatolian Seljuk cities. It also contains 118 patterns from various architectural structures and their technical analyzes consists of 1487 drawings.

Creative Director: Harun Tan
Graphic Design and Application: Mehmet Avcı
Photography Production: M. Erkam Bülbül and Mehdi Öztürk
Project Coordinator: Mustafa Yaman

Geometric Language of Anatolian Seljuk Art
Multiple Owners
Simurg Studio