Chat with professional lettering artists as they share their process creating hand drawn typography.
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    Personal Q&A project.
I've added a Q&A section to my site called Bamse Questions:

The idea is: Ask me anything and I’ll answer in text as well as an illustration. Depending on the response I’ll try to tackle one question a week. Anything goes, the questions don't need to be about me or my work. 

If you'd like to join in, please leave a question in the comments below and I'll get on it! :)
"Pencil or Wacom?"
"What would your work day look like without a computer?"
"Did a certain young Dutch, left-winged politician's campagne inspire your studio's name?"
"Where do you find inspiration?"
"Cat or Dog?"
Asks Retno Hadiningdiah
"What's your morning routine like?"
"What is your first memory?"
"What can't you draw?"
"Tennis shoes or high heels?"
Join in and ask me a question in the comments!