JAZZOO is an upscale-casual annual fundraising event for the Kansas City Zoo. The assignment was to create a look that could work across various mediums. Every year, they feature an animal in their logo. Tortoise was the year's animal. I was influenced by Charley Harper's illustrations as well as illustrations from vintage children's books.

Patron's party logo / Main event logo
Poster and invitation / Event signage

Brochure/Parking pass

19 BELOW is a local post-production studio. The studio is literally located below ground and has an industrial feel with exposed concrete walls and columns. Our aim was to create an identity that felt fresh, energetic but with some industrial touches. The photos are repeated to suggest motion graphic frames. The pieces are peppered with icons relating to sound and moving image such as fast forward sign and volume bars.
Main logo / Business card
CELLAR RAT is a local wine shop with a funny name.
The owners requested that the identity represent a casualness that most people do not associate with wine. The interior designer had in mind a place with comfort openness in mind. My imagination went to a rat who is a wine connoisseur and lives in the cellar. The fonts, graphic style and colors were chosen in reference to historical handpainted merchant signs.
SHIBUYA is a modern Japanese restaurant in MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. They offered dinner tables, Sushi bar, and Teppanyaki ares.
The 3 squares symbolize each of the areas within the restaurant. The color were pulled from our meeting with the interior designer and their vision of the space.
Dinner Menu, Drink Menu, Wine Binder