Wayfinding System / Vinted Office
Exhibition & Signage

Wayfinding System 
for a new Vinted Office / Vilnius

Vinted company has got a crown of first Lithuanian tech unicorn. It is a Lithuanian online marketplace and community that allows its users to sell, buy, and swap secondhand clothing items and accessories.

Vinted offices are based in Vilnius, Berlin, and Prague. These spots help them operate in 12 markets: Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, the UK, and the USA.

As the Head Office in Vilnius was becomming bigger, the company decided to move to a brand new office building in the heart of Vilnius NewTown.

Our task was to create the wayfinding system that is both effective and neat. The main task was to help people quickly find and easily navigate among 4 floors and open space working areas. There was no doubt that the whole system and design language had to be simple and blend in the interior design – clear, straightforward, intuitive and easy-to-understand. Therefore, the solution has been based on function.

The grid that is re-apearing as the main design element in the whole design structure originates from
the exterior of the actual building.

The attractive form dictated the pattern which perfectly fit in the main interior light-boxes and other wayfinding elements.
Wayfinding System / Vinted Office
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