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Illustrations for TDG's new headquarters / 2020


In August 2020, i got commissioned by TDG (ThinkDigital Group) to create illustrations for their new headquarters walls.
The mission was to visualise and create illustrations which reflect the basic eight company values of the Group,
and decorate the entrance and reception, using the colour palette from the Group's departments / companies.
After designing process, all illustrations were printed and cut on vinyl stickers, and adjusted on walls by Elikon.


TDG is a Marketing & Commerce Holding Group with leading presence in the fastest growing markets in EMEA.
TDG portfolio companies apply Insights, Business Acumen & Technology, to help marketers, media owners and agencies transform to their potential.



1. "We the Fat Cow Killers" - "We are an enterpreneural company and as such costs are an important aspect affecting our profitability. We are about fast moving and efficient decisions and keeping our direct costs and indirect costs to a minimal amount. We are a lean operation and ThinkDigital means we are all “Fat Cow Killers”. Each of us can contribute to keeping costs low, saving man-hours by affecting company process while at the same time driving revenues."

The term “Fat Cow Killers”, basically refers on trying illuminating every form of bureaucracy, inefficiency and laziness.
So what funnier way to symbolise this, by a fat cow on the way to get trained and one who runs on a treadmill!

2. "We Add Value" - "We are best in class at providing excellent service and always understand our partner’s needs over and above our core business. We are thought leaders in digital, shaping the market and not following it.
Each of us seek the way to add value to their partners, both internal and external. We do this by listening to and by being proactive on taking our business to the next level seeking to improve both external and internal cooperation.
The goal for a person who adds value is to locate the “sweet spot” where both parties form a win – win cooperation, gaining more from the relationship than just normal cooperation. This transcends the day to day business and takes it
to a long term relationship.

The term “Add Value” refers to recognition and  rewarding every collaboration and improvement on both external
and internal cooperations, so i thought two co-workers simply thumbing up each other, would work for this.

3. "We the Positive Bigfoots" - "Being at Thinkdigital doesn’t mean we only care about the business, but we also care about people in the company and beyond. Being at ThinkDigital means that as a company, we will make an effort
to leave positive impact on the world that surrounds us, not only by being the best at what we do, but as a whole supporting worthy goals and generating a fun and positive environment for the people we work with or people
whose paths we cross.

The term “Positive Bigfoot” refers to all efforts leaving a positive impact on the world and having fun with a pleasant way. So i visualised this as a person in a forest who enjoys and respect nature, and through his passage he plants trees.

4. "We the Rainmakers" - "When you are a small company, each one of us can make a difference. We are all on the lookout for new business opportunities taking an active role in developing this business and making a personal difference to the company bottom line. We don’t wait for it to rain, we make the rain come."

The term “Rainmakers” refers to all efforts making yourself productive and always finding a way to always think the next step forward. I symbolise this as a person on a cloud machine, who produce clouds and weather conditions in the sky.

5. "We the Curious" - "We are lucky to be part of an ever changing industry – a constantly adapting and evolving environment. We are TDG, so must we continuously evolve. As Thinkers, our value is not only what we know, but how we question learn and develop. We consider it our job to ask why things are done and what the new better ways to do them are. We consider if processes serve the goal and invest time to read and understand our ever changing business. We are simply Curious."

The term “Curious” refers to a constant need to learn how things work and constantly evolve yourself in better ways.
Here, Newton with his apple is the best representation of that curiosity.

6. "We the Explorers" - "To open up new rich worlds where Marketing and Commerce meet. To bodly lead our people to where no one has gone before."

I chose to represent strong leadership and pioneering in new fields with an interstellar scenery of two space explorers.

7. "Welcome" - Main Entrance

My main purpose here was to illustrate a warm welcoming feeling, like a parade from a group of young colleagues.
A friendly welcome, with a touch of freshness and corporate at the same time.

A big thank you to Odysseas Ntotsikas & Gerasimos Katevatis for making this happen.
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Illustrations for TDG's new headquarters / 2020

Illustrations for TDG's new headquarters / 2020