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    Package design and branding for a sports cosmetics company supported by famous elite athletes.
Client: Mission Product Holding, Inc.

Background: To create a range of packaging that demonstrates a high level of performance and social responsibility while remaining linked to the skin care category.

Undertaking: To create a balance and synergy between the worlds of performance, philanthropy and cosmetics, this product creates a new category unto itself. Visual cues to ensure that the product is understood as something more essential than other cosmetics - this is a product that works as hard, and cares as much as the consumer does.
This concept treated each product like a mission where each skin care product has a state task to fulfill. This through line is further emphasized by the use of the timing vernacular that is associated wit each product, or mission to set them apart from one another, and stress the efficacy of the brand. The vibrant orange logotype simply used the space in the O to hold a first aid or medical cross to further the idea of protection.
This packaging direction features an iconic logo mark that speaks to the idea of coming together. The place where athletes meet goals, or people, business and communities converge through socially responsible products. By using a come together positioning, Mission Product would be able to promote the health and wellness benefits for the product while leveraging the philanthropic and charity aspect of this unique business.
This clean direction took cues from the idea of a target as the goal of a mission. The stylized version of the target created a bold and iconic brand mark that changes with the type of skin care. For this direction, the trademark Skintelligence was created to give credibility and ownability within the marketplace.