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ZMORPH - 3D Printers that deliver

ZMORPH is a Wroclaw-based company that produces 3D printers which are distributed around the world. The brand grew from a small startup to become a major player on the international market after only a few years. Thanks to its rapid growth, it currently employs around 50 specialists and engineers. They offer one of the best multifunctional printers in the world: the ZMORPH FAB.

In 2021, ZMORPH plans to expand its product range with an industrial printer that – thanks to its innovative solutions – will become a serious competitor for the largest manufacturers.

Scope of work: 
‣ Market and target group analysis 
‣ Redesign logo 
‣ Visual strategy 
‣ Brandbook 
‣ Design of identification elements
‣ Animations 
‣ Photo session and promo video 
‣ Website design

A logo that is the cornerstone of everything

The geometric shape contained in the logo became the inspirational basis for the creation of all brand identity elements. It shows up in both complex compositions and simple forms, such as icons.

This way, the brand is able to communicate with the recipient, not only through the logo itself but also through other graphical elements.

Cohesion within the entire visual branding system translates into easier development of brand identity and the rooting of important features among the recipients.​​​​​​​
During the design process, we decided to break away from the image that prevails in the industry and base the entire visual strategy on a technical/industrial character that would correspond much better with the new product, and thus refer to the precision and archetype of the “Sage.”

The identity elements are based on changeability and playing with form, thus referring to the second of the brand archetypes – the “Creator.”

The result of this work is a more accurate positioning of the product among a specific target segment.
New website

The effects were immediately noticeable once the site was up and running. The new website became more engaging for users, which resulted in a fourfold increase in session duration and a sharp spike in product sales.

The site was developed in a four-step design process:
01. A workshop where we defined the goals, the path of visitors’ navigation through the site, and the site’s structures;

02. The design of functional wireframes;

03. Final design of desktop and mobile versions;

04. Animation design and microinteractions.

A total of about 90 views were created.

Mateusz Pałka -  Art director / Branding / Webdesign / Motion
Tomasz Kret - Photography - Product video


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ZMORPH - Rebranding & Webdesign