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Video installations created and presented at the RE00 art & music Festival held
at The House of Light of Florence June 9, 2012.

   RECIRCLES want to briefly interpret a vision of the life cycle, through which induce a reflection on the natural evolution of terrestrial life forms. Birth, youth mateforizzate in an opening of eyes young and a bottle full of water, are the beginning of everything, after that, everything is consumed, until the end, to death, to the last drop and closing tired eyes and lived.
A cycle that is never ending, which is continually renewed, giving hope, creating the future.
An example that nature reminds us every day with the day and night: both are essential, both related to create a future.
Every day is life and death, are reborn each day with the knowledge of death;
the time that lies somewhere in between these two great events remains the most important thing.
Let's not waste it.

The installation was designed by us as a projection of different materials.
Starting from the glossy paper lies flat and smooth, we have continued to create more and more worn surfaces, rougher, more complicated to simulate the change, the aging of life. The video is divided into 4 phases, located 4 4 surfaces that create different effects. Only at the end of the surface is back projected without mappings in all its volume, to give strength to the word RECIRCLES, which in itself includes four phases.