Kalahari Desert Speedweek 2013
'For the past few days I’ve been photographing the second annual Kalahari Desert Speedweek, which is an event similar to the Bonneville Salt Flat racing in America. The event takes place on an open piece of uninhabited desert land, Hakskeenpan, where motor vehicles are pushed to their limits in a race against the speedometer. The Pan is seemingly endless; the surface is flat and hard, almost perfect for land speed racing. Unfortunately the surface starts to break up and become unstable after a few runs, leading to high speed spin-outs when vehicles begin to lose traction on the loose ground.
Spin out in a Ford Mustang at 200km/h and you’ll emerge unscathed, from a cloud of dust –shaken up, sweaty, but alive. Lose traction while commandeering a superbike at speeds of 300km/h, and marshals may need to venture into Namibia to pick up the pieces...'
All photographs © Luke Daniel
Barry Ashmole's 1940's Ford pick-up truck tears across the Pan, nearly reaching 200km/h.
Salt River Customs' Ford Fairlane.
Barry Ashmole's 1940's Ford pickup truck.
Two classic motorvehicles rest in the camp site after a day of hard travel.
Head of Speedweek SA, Jan Els, stands in front of the Speedweek Nissan GTR, at the starting line.
Terence Kuipers stands next to his 1967 Chrysler 383, which got up to 193km/h on the pan.
Greg Parton's Lamborghini Aventador at the starting line, before an early morning run. It would go on to set the fastest speed for any car at the pan - 303km/h.
The 1982 Speedweek Porsche 911 got up to 190km/h out on Hakskeenpan.
Last minute repairs to the Repsol KTM.
Hakskeenpan, Northern Cape, South Africa
The day before the 2013 Kalahari Desert Speedweek started.
Creative Carversions' Ford Mustang, being worked on just before it's run on the pan.
Camping out in the middle of nowhere. Hakskeenpan is 250km's from Upington, and is situated on the Namibian border.
A ratrod from Kwazulu Natal.
Los Muertos motorcycle club.
Members of Los Muertos motorcycle club about to ride out on the pan.
Two classic Chevrolet's stand in the campsite at dusk.
A member of Salt River Customs, standing in front of the Ford Fairlane.
The Old Mill Ford Fairlane leaves the campsite for a sunset cruise out on the pan.
The Ford Fairlane - customized by Old Mill Rod & Custom, in Cape Town.
Simon, owner of Old Mill Rod & Custom, stands by his Hotrod.
Driving side-by-side at Hakskeenpan.
Simon loads petrol into his hotrod.
Joe Van Zyl's 1964 Valiant rests at the campsite.
The P-51 Mustang lands on the pan, following an afternoon of aerial acrobatics.
Joe Van Zyl in his 1964 Valiant.
The P-51 Mustang flies low over Speedweek spectators.
The P-51 Mustang, stands along side the Speedweek Nissan GTR.
Greg Parton races against the P-51 Mustang in his Lamborghini Aventador.
Hakskeenpan and the surrounding Kalahari Desert, in the Northern Cape.
Kalahari Desert Speedweek 2013