Pangkor Island Festival 2013
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    Interactive wall art with the public
Doggy Chai is a literal expression of me as I was born in the year of a dog. I also find dogs to be very inspirational due to their loyalty which is a rare gift found in mankind. Doggy Chai is a street dog that is looking for acceptance and appreciation. You will see that despite the rough texture of the background wall, Doggy Chai is always vibrant and smiling. This is to inspire everyone that despite life’s difficulties, if we maintain an optimistic belief, things will always get better. We are not always able to choose or change our environment, but we have total control of ourselves.
After research and understand  about the Pangkor Island, as I saw many street dog that being isolated from the people who living there. To create awareness about this issue. I have create Interactive wall Mural for the Island to bring smile to the people who visit or living in Pangkor Island
Doggy Chai from magic hole 
Doggy Chai beside the corner
Doggy Chai on the edge
Sleeping Doggy Chai 
Doggy Chai over the fence
Doggy Chai from magic hole 02
Doggy Chai playing balls