Animations for The Viddyoze Story - Documentary
Animations for The Viddyoze Story - Documentary

Viddyoze is a British company that provides a worldwide animation building platform to millions of users around the world. After an intense rollercoaster ride of 5 years and 50 million dollars in revenues, the founders of Viddyoze decided it was time to produce a documentary about the story of the company.

As animation is their core business, Viddyoze wanted to include high level animations for their documentary, so they decided to call us for the mission.

What was the proposal? To produce a total of 15 minutes of animation. What time did we have? Just 2 months, OMG! That's what we call a CHALLENGE at Enso. 

The time was limited but the cool thing about the project is that we received carte blanche from Viddyoze. They gave us practically total creative freedom and tremendous confidence, so of course we agreed.

Here is result of two very intense months of work, but also very fun and pleasant! As you can see there are many movie references, ‘Easter eggs’, and maybe some cameos too (LOL).

If you want to watch The Viddyoze Story teaser click here:
If you want to watch The Viddyoze Story complete movie:

Viddyoze Creative Director: Dan Stoner


Excutive Producer: Alfredo Azarola
Creative Director: Erik Berlin
Art Director: Gabriel Gómez
Animation Director: Sebastián Imoda
Illustration Team:
Maria Eugenia Salas Sellanes
Carlos Camp
Animation Team:
Adrián Bentancort (Chito)
Alejandro Salmanton
Production Assistant: Cristhian Orta
Animations for The Viddyoze Story - Documentary