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    The extremely short path I took to get to my final design for Dorothy Dandruff, the Devil Girl from my webcomic Live Nude Ghouls.
The first sketches for my Devil Girl character. I originally thought a pageant girl might be a funny take on a stereotype to base the character on. Very driven. Willing to do anything to get ahead...
My first, digitally painted rendering of my Devil Girl. At this point she went by the name Eva Reigns. I now knew I wanted her back story to involve selling her soul for hard rock fame and fortune, but this one was a little too metal for my taste.
A different look that I liked but quickly tossed.
In this cartoonier version, her horns shrank and the fur above her hooves became blonde like her hair. This is pretty much how the final character appeared in the comic.
Here she is drawn in pretty much the same style I use for the comic. At this point, in my mind she has changed from the "metal" Eva Reins to the more "punk" Dorothy Dandruff.
Here is how she finally appeared in panel 2 of the latest page of the comic, online right now!