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Raquel Barver Portfolio 2019-2021

Raquel Barver Portfolio 2019-2021
Hi! My name is Raquel and I am a digital artist and retoucher from Spain. I am a Photoshop lover so all my artworks are made with the power of Photoshop. 
In my work I almost always end up using a self-portrait to tell stories or for making experimentation.

These are some of the images that I have been making during this years.
 Hope you like it!
1 selfie to 12 Images (Work in progress)
Initial selfie
The three Heads (Image 1)
Burning from the inside (Image 2)
Thousand eyes (Image 3)
cosmos explosion (Image 4)
Untitled (Image 5)
Individual Images
Never Fade Away
Fishing day
Devil shadow

Are we really are who we think we are?⁣
There are some way to know us?⁣
To be our inner self ⁣
How can I show my inner self to another person?⁣
‘Find the key’ they said.⁣
But, where is the bloody key?⁣

(There is a hidden key on the image hehe)
Odd dreams 
(This image was for AdobexBillie)
Death angel (First attempt with Adobe dimension)
Open worlds 
The Abyss
Inspired by GRIS. (Nomada Studio contest)
Game of Thrones inspiration. (I have the entire project on my profile, including the speedart)
Rain on me poster (LadyGagaxAdobe contest)
Several artworks inspired by Aurora and her music. 
Her music it's been always so important to me in my personal life and work. She is always inspiring me and that's why I wanted to create several artworks for her. 

thank you
 Hope you like it :D

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Raquel Barver Portfolio 2019-2021

Raquel Barver Portfolio 2019-2021

Personal portfolio (2919-2021) All the images are done with Adobe photoshop and the power of photography. Digital art, photomontage. Mostly of my Read More