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    Product Category: Ice Cream
There’s a very clear proposition. It tastes great and it’s packed ‘chok’ full of the best ingredients. The design reinforces the brand proposition through the pack structure and the way the type and imagery work together to create a graphic block.
Sorvete Itáli
Brand identity, packaging, promotional items for an ice cream company based in Rio de Janeiro. Produced in DPZ Rio by Fernanda Schmidt.
Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream
At Connoisseur we approach ice cream making with the spirit of an artist. Everything we do is infused with creativity and passion.
Briolla Ice Cream
This design aims to clearly demonstrate the superior quality of this range of healthier ice creams from Northern Israel. The simplicity and sharpness of the design conveys sophistication while the imagery of ingredients also shows a strong emphasis on taste and pleasure. The use of utensils such as blades is intended to depict the personal involvement of food specialists in the product, as distinct from commercial processes.
La Strada
La Strada is a top premium ice cream aimed at a trend setting community.
Brand mission: Evolve from eating ice cream to wearing the ice cream packs on the street. La Strada created the first prêt-a-porter gelato meant to turn the sidewalk into a catwalk and the product into a fashion icon. The range becomes a unique street fashion collection with multiple fabric patterns inspired by the our intense ice cream flavors."
Rocombe Ice Cream
Cleverly illustrated ice cream containers by Rocombe, makers of organic premium ice cream from the UK. 'Chest shots' are either seductively skimpy with sheer chiffons, or tailored and crisp with shining silver buttons. A delightfully packaged product line uses full-wrap illustration to show off the 'personality' of each ice cream flavor. The gentle English humor really comes through while still saying 'luxury product'.
Harriet's Jolly Nice Ice Cream
The designers came up with a wonderful set of stories to adorn the packaging and Harriet supplied them with plenty of her ice cream for inspiration… all of which was Jolly Nice.
La Lune Ice Cream
The brand offers premium goat milk ice cream and sorbets. Goat milk is established as the ecological, conscience and healthier (naturally low fat) alternative to cow milk. The brands obligation to sustainability is manifested by totally recycled packaging and, free range goats free of antibiotics and chemical additives. 
Sub Zero
Mr Creemy, a legendary Welsh ice cream maker needed to rebrand following a dispute over its trademark. It was decided that a whole new direction was needed, time had moved on, Mr Creemy hadn’t. They needed a design style and packaging system that would attract a new, younger, more affluent audience, stand off the shelf amongst its competitors and assert itself as a major contender in the local ice cream isle.
The solution was Subzero Ice Cream – an ultra cool, contemporary ice cream brand for the 21st century. A simple typographic approach was taken to create a clear, consistent message and impact. This was used alongside bright, vibrant colours to bring the design to life. Branding has been applied to packaging, marketing collateral, exhibition systems and a website is currently in development.
The new Subzero brand has now been accepted into major supermarkets, Asda and Tesco and is being rolled out across Wales. Kevin Jenkins, Chief ice cream maker said, 'I couldn’t have asked for more from Bluegg . They have created a completely new brand, which is vibrant and imaginative. Their approach is always full of personality which is why they’ve been able to capture everything that Subzero is about.'”
Phin & Phebes Ice Cream
Packaging design inspired by a test kitchen chalkboard.
The inspiration for the package design and illustrations come from the chalkboard wall at home in the Test Kitchen where the makers have sketched out and written down their ice cream flavor offerings. Inspiration was also pulled from my ice cream flavor prototype sketches. We believe that eating ice cream should be a fun whimsical experience and this ice cream is uniquely formulated to tap into your inner child. The result is a package design that helps evoke this experience."
Hefti Jeunesse
Hefti Jeunesse is a line of Swiss ice cream with packaging designed for the Japanese market by Helvetica. The top and body of each package are decorated with simple, one color graphics, different for each flavor of the ice cream. The rim, in a shade of old gold, with a brushed-off finish, adds distinction to the whole series.
This ice cream sells in department store food halls across Japan. Vogue in Japan extends even to sweets. The designers of these confectionaries take the same approach to designing their packaging as top fashion designers take to predicting next season's must have items. The design strays away from the expected imagery usually employed to indicate quality but rather sets out to be something bold and fresh in Japan's world of design.”
Häagen-Dazs five™ Ice Cream
Häagen-Dazs five ice creams feature the cleanest, most minimal layout ever for Häagen-Dazs ice creams. A fresh, white palette was used with a crisp photo of the flavor and a large 'five'. The back-to-basics look makes even more sense when you consider the product's premise: ice cream made with just five ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, eggs + the flavor ingredient. Häagen-Dazs five™ is available in seven flavors: ginger, mint, brown sugar, vanilla, passion fruit, milk chocolate and coffee. Yum.
Eat Me
Packaging design for ice cream, Eat Me. The concept behind this package design was to create ridiculous characters that correlates to the name of each ice cream. 
Chumbi Ice Cream
Chumbi is the solution to bland and boring flavors of ice cream
like vanilla or butter pecan. Chumbi offers a variety of unique flavor
combinations for adventurous eaters like garlic mojito, tomato
parmigiano or black cherry zucchini. The quirky design is reflective of
the balancing act of unusual flavors and the colorful elephant acts
kind of like a bizarre mascot. 
Advanced Ice Cream Technologies, a boutique ice cream purveyor from Mexico, came to us with dreams of sharing their artfully crafted ice cream bars with America.
Unfortunately, their name sounded more like an innovator in cold storage than an artisan iced confectionery. "Our goal was to create a name, identity and design system that conveyed the unparalleled decadence of their product, creating a sense of luxury, sensuality and desire. Their product was delicious, our job was to make it beautiful. 
Joe's Ice Cream
The new packaging pays homage to the brand's cult following, featuring a nostalgic, typographic style made up from positive customer reviews of gathered from travel website Trip Advisor and Facebook. The design puts Joe’s fans at the heart of the brand, cementing their comments across all packaging. What started as a pure packaging exercise evolved into a complete brand overhaul, extending across everything from menus to posters to drinks cartons.
The new Brookfarm super premium ice cream line needed to be instantly recognizable, while also establishing Brookfarm's premium positioning. A clean, elegant black & white background is striking and sophisticated, and serves as an uncluttered base for the vivid photography and color-coded ribbons that indicate each flavor.
Jüce Pop
Luko Designs created a Branding & Packaging campaign for JücePop. "Jüce Pop produces the quality products using all-natural and organic ingredients. They are introduced into the market, mainly Whole Foods in U. S. & Tree Hugger in England. All Natural Frozen Fruit Treat uses no preservatives, colorings or added water. Juce Pop next line of product will be a organic juice drinks."
The approach is simple - make it stand out on the store frozen section shelves with simple yet iconic & colorful designs. The idea is to entice and appeal to both adults and kids of all ages.
Ciao Bella
Ciao Bella’s gelato and sorbet are super-premium products. As part of a category that often confuses consumers while competing with major ice cream players, the packaging needed a facelift.
YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball
This is a total structure and design upgrade. The new design is playful and inviting while paying homage to ice cream on the go.
The Ice Cream Ball is a do it yourself ice cream maker that you “play & make” ice cream with. It was a big hit upon it’s launch in 2006. Our clients came to us to help to redesign their packaging to appeal to children and their parents.
Antonio Federici Ice Cream
Antonio Federici's Gelato Italiano is inspired by a traditional home-made recipe first created in 1896 in mountains close to the Italian Riviera & the hip resorts of Portofino and Rapallo. Over 100 years later Antonio's grandsons are proud to re-create these gelati for a new generation of ice cream aficionados. Each exquisite scoop of Italian cool has been blended together in time honoured tradition using fresh double-cream & the finest ingredients to create a gelato which has a little of 'la dolce vita' in every scoop.
Loseley Ice Cream
Loseley rebrand puts quirky spin on traditional values with a humorous National Portrait Gallery theme.
The new Loseley packs feature specially commissioned portraits, each by a different artist. At first these look like Old Masters but on closer scrutiny reveal a humorous twist, with each figure either dripping ice cream or smearing it on their face.
The quirky reproductions aim to create a unique humour around the brand while the back of the pack expands the theme in the form of a potted soliloquy, singing the praises of the subject's favourite flavour in an eccentric tone.
P&W was tasked with producing a visual expression of Loseley's brand values, without appearing too pompous or stuffy. Its research highlighted the product's key equities as "Britishness" with a sense of tradition.
Behold Wonder Ice-cream
They designed 12 packages which were based on the flavor pattern. The project includes Ice cream tube, candy bar and ice cream box. These packages would definitely pop-out on shelves..but are the colors unappetizing? Enjoy the fun and colorful designs below! My favorite is the Pistachio pattern, yum.
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
how do consumers choose from among premium ice creams? Nothing pops out more than Ben & Jerry’s pints with their homey art work and brand identity. All of those bucolic landscapes and cows: can there be any doubt this is Ben & Jerry’s?
Mova Ice Cream
Mova Ice Cream is an English family-run ice cream brand, based in the heart of England’s beautiful Camden District. Made of the finest ingredients, Mova Ice Cream is now being introduced to the American market.
In order to captivate the consumer, LukoDesigns were asked to refresh the identity and packaging design of Mova Ice Cream. In the words of LukoDesigns: “We brought a quiet purity to the overall design of the packaging yet enlivened it by introducing a whimsical and artistic approach to the Logo/Branding, which was a perfect representation of the bright taste and quality of their products.”
If I saw Mova Ice Cream in a freezer near me, I’d probably grab two boxes or more. The clean, modern design and the cheerful, perfectly harmonized with mouthwatering fruit and chocolate images would win me over.
Hansens Flodeis
Great ice cream packaging from Danish, family run, Hansens Flødeis. The profile, somewhat based on PR-material from 1922, was created by Hansens Flødeis together with Danish designer Mads Berg. The packaging is simply delicious. Nostalgic and simple.
Storm Brand DNA Ice Cream
I the the Surreal approach to this packaging design.
Cocktails of the World Ice Cream
A really cool design for a range of cocktail flavoured ice creams. Loving the mix of illustration and the use of hand-writing.
Ice Factory
Here's a classy solution - oozing with premium brand values. Dispit its name, there's nothing 'production line' in its appearance.
Blockbuster Movie Melts
As a part of its complete entertainment package, this range certainly reflects the cinema experience.
Freeze Ice Cream
This one's a nice and simple play on guilty pleasure whilst giving a stamp of approaval.
Kapiti Ice Cream
Challenge: Kapiti faced delisting. This luxury ice cream was of such exceptional quality that its bespoke flavours graced the kitchens of some of NZ's top restaurants. Yet it was not inspiring consumers to take it home and put it in their freezer. Fonterra cut ten of the brand's SKUs and asked us to create irresistible packs to relaunch the remaining six.
Solution: We dug deep into this super-premium brand to uncover its heart and soul: dedication to the sheer quality of the product and near-obsessive enthusiasm for creating innovative flavours. This is Ice Cream by Design. The branding needed to reflect that and to appeal to fashion and lifestyle-conscious individuals who would be happy to take Kapiti into their designer kitchens. We collaborated with NZ fabric designer, Michelle Yvette and transformed Kapiti into a fashion must-have that has caused a real stir in the category. Our mouth-wateringly desirable packs proved so popular that, despite the reduction in SKUs, sales per store per week increased by 55%, all six Kapiti products moved into the category top 20 and the brand jumped two places in the premium league table. 
Nonna Lina Ice Cream 
Nonna Lina Ice Cream Packaging Combines Classic and Contemporary Design. 
How do you market a generations' old recipe to a modern consumer base? You do what Nonna Lina Ice Cream packaging does and mix motifs from both eras together. Those with a taste for tradition and those craving a fresh flavor will both be delighted with Mr. Conde Studio's work.

The delicious dessert has been wrapped up in the conventional paper-based tub, but decorated with patterns much older than this practice. A diamond argyle design covers the background of the label, overlapped by the elaborate addition of a lace doily motif. 

If you bring your eyes back up to the top of the container, you'll see the way that a bright color block melts down over the ornate designs below to produce a much more modern effect. Nonna Lina Ice Cream packaging assumes an eclectic aesthetic that's scrumptious to all who love sweets.
Yummy Ice Cream
This is a project for an ice cream identity and package family for kids. It was a final college project created for the Graphic Design Project class in the College of Arts and Design Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. The faces expressions interacts with the kids by showing how fun and delicious is to eat ice cream and turn the package into a collectible and reusable object for kids fun. Particularly, i always feel like laughing when i look at theses happy faces.
Sweeter Than Fiction Ice Cream
Curling up with a good book will only get better when you’re spooning with a fantastic fusion of premium ice cream flavors. Indulge in the classics like you never have before. Literary aficionados will fall heads over heels for these witty packages.
Nestlé Chocolate Ice Cream
Nestlé's mission was to take the chocolate brand and create a premium ice cream category for both impulse and retail channels designing all packaging and communication material across point of purchase.
Eureka! Ice Cream
The brief was to brand a new ice cream which is both indulgent and healthy for you, using unique ingredients from Brazil. The concept was that if the ice cream is both indulgent and healthy, it must have been made in a clever way and so I looked at the graphic language asscociated with the science of ice cream. The pattern applied to the packaging is based on the molecular structure of ice. By tasting the ice cream you have your very own Eureka moment.