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eWheels - Unicycle disassembly | 3D Modeling

The client (distributor of personal electric vehicles) had as an objective to create 3D models and disassembly animation videos of Electric Unicycles and Scooters, in order for their audience to visualize the components of the products.

The company's clients are mostly people which use these type of electric vehicles daily in both urban and off-road areas. Users are passionate about fixing their own devices when they get damaged, meeting the disassembling video demand.

These high detailed 3D models have been created from scratch based on visual materials from the internet. None of blueprints and schemes were provided nor used.

3D modeling & animation: Kirils Zikovs
Client: eWheels

Electric unicycle KingSong S18
Electric unicycle Veteran Sherman
Electric scooter Turbowheel Lightning+ / Zero 10x
Electric unicycle Inmotion V11
Electric unicycle GotWay Mten3
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eWheels - Unicycle disassembly | 3D Modeling

eWheels - Unicycle disassembly | 3D Modeling