Haus der Kunst

Art Direction, Scene Creation and Post Production: Giuseppe Alaimo and Claudio D'Agostino
Lighting: Giuseppe Alaimo

Me and Claudio have worked together many times but never in the same project; this is our first project in a collaboration and it's been a tremendous experience.

We wanted to try Architectural rendering, which none of us had really done before, and I think this, as the very first serious attempt, looks good enough.

It's probably going to be the first of an hopefully long and succesful series of digital imaging works together.

About the project:
We were going for something classic and bright. This big white palace chamber, refurbished and used as a museum chamber is caught just before a photo shoot. All the photographic and lighting equipment has been modelled from real references.

The lighting is a physical Sunlight and Sky, with skyportal lights on each window.
Global Illumination was a real pain, due to all the intricate details in some of the decorations of the room. The only acceptable solution after countless tests, was using Bruteforce and filtered LightCache.
All the modeling was done in Maya, and the rendering/shading was done with the superb vray.
Magic Bullet looks and Photoshop for Post Production.

Haus der Kunst - CGI