Coney Island Elderly Housing
The challenge of this studio lied in marrying the difficult site (a strip of narrow land in Coney Island) and its program (elderly housing). A study was done on Coney Island and its unique history and a narrative of exhibitionism and voyeurism began to emerge. The goal of the building's architecture was to create voyeuristic views both in and out of the building. Playing between putting the occupant and the passerby on display. Extruded angled bays increase chances to frame different views out for the users, while two large urban stages on the main circulation areas allows to frame the users as they move through the building.

Mapping the View Vectors on the Site
Facade Strategy: Extruded Bays made of pre-cast concrete panels
North and South Facade
Final Rendering
Final Rendering
Transverse Section: Mixed Use Areas
Transverse Section: Main Circulation
Transverse Section: Urban Stage
Floor Plans
Wall Section Details