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Recycled Plastic Series
Industrial Design
In July 2020, we at WDC launched a collab with Precious Plastic to engage our community in designing recycled products.
During three weeks, we ran a series of challenges centered around the Precious Plastic machines. Each week focused on one technology - Injection Molding - Beam Extrusion - Sheetpress.
Here you can see my submissions to the challenges and a set of materials I created in Keyshot to represent the different recycled plastics' looks for each technology.

I designed a stool using extruded beams made of recycled plastic (HDPE).
Less than 1h from sketch to final 3D model, but hours and hours on Keyshot going through problems related to displacement maps.
I created s simple stool to visualize the Sheetpress materials I created for the challenges. It was a very quick process, so I didn't worry about modeling dogbones in the cut parts.
For #wdc179, I tried to think about a simple product that is manufactured in the millions and could benefit from recyclability and also from the looks of mixed color injection molding. I decided to represent nursery pots after looking around my house and seeing so many of those.
I'm not a tool maker but decided to visualize a simplified mold with 4 cavities.
You can find some of the materials in my Gumroad page
Thank you!
Recycled Plastic Series