Antique Tuscan No. 9 - Wood to Digital
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    The Digitization of a very condensed 19th century Tuscan style wood type
HWT Antique Tuscan No. 9 is avery condensed 19th century Tuscan style wood type design with a full character set with ligatures. This design was first shown by Wm H Page Co in 1859 and this is the first digital version of this font to include a lowercase and extended European character set

The main source for this font was a rare specimen printed by Wood Type historian Rob Roy Kelly of a 10 line font from Wm Page & Co.
A 6 line partial font from the collection at the WNY Book Arts Center helped to inform some less common characters such as the Æ and œ diphthongs. This cut is from the Heber Wells version which is noticeable different only in a few characters such as the decorative crossbar of the lower case 'e'.

Additional characters were created to match the existing samples and flush out the full 300 characters found in the digital font.
The serifs were drawn to be sharp and angular as seen in this Wm Page specimen book as opposed to the rounding often seen in this font from wear and tear in the printshop.

 The font features: full support for Western and Central European languages including speciaized characters for Turkish, Romanian and Croatian.