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    Examples of various showcases for the Museum Environment


Computer Controlled
Series of computer regulated showcases, controlling lighting and audio - shown here during the fit-out and very much state of the art  when  first  fabricated
All control mechanisms  and lighting are housed separately from the main display body. 
                                      Temporary showcases with a diamond shape acrylic cover and security locks.

                                     Featured showcase displays the original Royal Investiture Throne of HRH Prince 
                                     Charles at his Royal Investiture in Caernarfon Castle in 1969 and rests on a 
                                     38mm thick slate daias sourced from the Dinorwic Slate Quarry in North Wales.
                                     In the foreground is a further display which houses a Kneeling Stool used by the 
                                     Prince during his oath of office in front of HM Queen Elizabeth II and positioned
                                     here behind a Touch Screen presentation of the Ceremony.
at the top of the model with it's large acrylic awning.
Cylinder - style showcase at Criccieth Castle, Visitor Centre on the NW Coast of Wales.

                                                                High - end joinery for a bespoke showcase constructed for an exhibit sited at
                                                                'Castell Coch' Nr Cardiff, Wales.

Contact : Glyn Parry-Jones, Project Director

 20 April  2012
Available for short or long term projects,both UK 
and Internationally.