• We were given 2 months to come up with a full brand identity and advertising campaign ect. for the danish whisky destillery Stauning Whisky. We focused on the danish audience and therefore wanted to express a handmade and scandinavian desing. It was very important to brand Stauning as an open and honest destillery. We did this by letting the consumer know where all of the ingrediens come from and how they're processed to become the great and golden whisky.
  • "Here lies the seed for 472 bottles of Stauning Whisky"
  • "Here grows 472 bottles of Stauning Whisky"
  • "Here has been harvested 472 bottles of Stauning Whisky"
  • Intro: Learn to produce your own danish whisky.
    1. Take out the attached seeds and plant it. Nurse it until it's ready for harvesting.
    2. Malt the grains on a floor to trick the chemical reaction to produce sugar.
    3. Take out the attached sheet of peat and smoke the malted grains.
    4. Mash the grains to extract the sugar in the fluid.
    5. Use two still pots to destill the fluid - this will become the base for the whisky.
    6. Pour the fluid into a wooden barrel (preferably an oak or ex-bourbon barrel).
    7. Wait a couple of years (minimum 3 years) and pour the golden liquid onto a bottle and give it a sniff.
    8. Now peal of the cork of the image above and compare your whisky to ours.
    - Yeah, it's hard work producing a good bootle of danish whisky.
  • Newspaper advertising as a result of the entire campaign.
    "Result of the danish rye"
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