The Verge 2013 - Directors Cut

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  • Paul Miller - Contributing Writer
  • Joshua Topolsky - Former Editor-in-chief, co-founder
  • Nilay Patel - Permanent Man of Leisure
  • The Verge 2013 - Directors Cut
    When James Bareham first photographed the original Portraits of The Verge back in 2011, there were only 16 people working at this dynamic tech media startup.
    Two years later and the number of staff at The Verge had expanded to almost a hundred people working in shiny new offices near Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan. Photographing a new group shot with many people was totally out of the question. So, the most logical solution was photograph everybody individually against the same back drop and comp them together in post-production. Michael Shane, (the main Verge photographer) then used this same lighting setup to photograph new arrivals to the ever expanding team.
    By the time +James Bareham had delivered the first of the final comps together, almost a year had past since the first day of the shoot back in September 2012. This gallery represents the ‘Directors Cut’ of the portraits taken on that day.
    Client: Nilay Patel / The Verge
    Creative Direction / Photography: James Bareham
    Assistants: Brandon Kornprobst / Andrew Frasz
    Retouching: The New Cruelty
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