Smokin' Hot Cigarette Box

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  • Smokin' Hot - Cigarette Box
    Personal Project creating a custom cigarette box paper toy
  • A few years ago I worked on a template to design my own custom cigarette box. After finishing the template I almost forgot about it all.
    Now I found the template files on my harddisk and decided to give it a try to design my own box, print it, cut it, glue it & build it. As you can guess I had lots of fun designing and developing my box, so why not share this project with you?

    Scroll down the project to see some of the major elements of design and a series of photos where I am building the box. Took me a while, but it was worth it.

    UPDATE: I have added more pictures from last weeks photoshoot for my new clothing line LFR
    You can now buy the cigarette box printed on 250g high quality matt finish paper.

    If anyone is interested in printing & building the cigarette box for themselves, send me a message or comment here.

    Hope you like it.

    Stay in touch & visit my facebook page for exclusives and recent updates.

    Love & Disko
  • Stickers soon...
  • Now available here
  • Printed & Cut out
  • First steps of folding...
  • The inlay