// About LA Thieves

Los Angeles Thieves (short: LA Thieves) is an american professional Call of Duty League esports team owned and operated by 100 Thieves.

The current roster consists of Temp, Slasher, TJhaly, Kenny and Drazah.

// Objective

The objective of this project is to practice adapting to an already established brand identity (created by Seso).

// Goal 

My goal was to invent new characteristics that sets LA Thieves apart from 100Thieves. Why? 

The fans/viewers should be able to distinguish the two brands while scrolling through social media. 

In order to achieve this I implemented design elements that remind the viewer of Los Angeles and form a connection between the brand and its location.

// Moodboard​​​​​​​

// Roster

// Welcome

// Atlanta Home Series Schedule

// Matchday 

// Match Result

// Happy Birthday

// Matchday (2nd version)

// Welcome (2nd version)

// Happy birthday (without stickers)

LA Thieves


LA Thieves