Industrial Design
Ordi Cochlear Implant Device​​​​​​​
People with severe hearing loss have a hard time listening to music. 
Also, conventional artificial cochlear implant devices often bring shame on them.
Ordi wanted to solve these problems using stylish headphones and bone conduction.

It combines bone conduction and artificial cochlear implant methods to easily wear and take off, and supports Bluetooth 5.0 and smartphone connection, allowing you to listen to music freely. 
In addition, the sound processors mounted on both sides are designed to allow deaf people to apply adaptive left-right balance considering the different degrees of hearing loss in both ears.

The Transmitter delivers music and collected sounds to the implant in the sound processor.
Then, the implant provides electrical stimulation to the cochlear, allowing hearing loss patients to listen to music.

Designed by 297 Office

Product Design: Woojin Jang, Jiwoo Son, Junwoo Lim
3D Modeling: Woojin Jang, Jiwoo Son
3D Rendering: Woojin Jang
3D Animation: Jiwoo Son
BI: Junwoo Lim

2021. 01



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