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    Pripiat photo report, 2010. The nearest town of the Chernobyl power plant.
Not used to post photo report here, I used to do some report before I started working on fashion photography. I saw some pretty beautiful pictures made by the amazing Nadav Kander on this city before. I know that this town is a very sensible part of history for a lot of people. By looking some past report on it, I never saw an honest view of you can see on this town (apart from Kander's job). All I could find was "sensationnal" images in a bad way like beheaded dolls everywhere and stuff like that. So in 2010, I did go there with some friends, and tried to make a respectfull view of the town caring a really sad part of history of Ukraine. Hope you'll enjoy this report.
This town is near the nucleart plant of Chernobyl.