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    Packaging and label design for Caribbean Rum.
Packaging and label design for Macoucherie Rum.
Design proposal of the packaging and labeling, to bring a coherent and upscale positioning of the Macoucherie rums. 
Creating a brand architecture to articulate & clarify the product’s unique selling proposition as a range, and positioning in relation to the competition.
The illustration on the label represents -in an allegorical way- the island of Dominica featuring the only operational water-wheel powered sugar cane grinder in the world and a sun setting down in the sea. The idea behind it is to recreate a sunset inside the bottle, it only happens when the level of rum aligns itself with the horizon's line.
The distillery sits in the macoucherie valley on the west coast of Dominica. The island was a former british colony, noted for its lush vegetation, and in tourism quarters is known as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”.