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    key visual for Lasy Państwowe in collaboration with Bartek Witański
As they wrote on their site:
National Forest Holding is an organization protecting, utilizing, and shaping Poland’s forests for over eighty years. It manages publicly owned forests on behalf of the Polish State Treasury. Their area exceeds 7.5 million hectares. A staff of experienced, professional foresters guarantee that next generations of Poles will be able to make use of all the benefits which forests provide to a not lesser degree than they do today.
The aim of the project is to make a proposal key visual for the citylight's campaign. It's important to tell, that every year in Poland there are 500 mln new trees planted.
There are two ideas:
1.showing people that they can find freshly planted tree even in their fridge (or in other everyday situation)
2.in convention of horror movie - there are so many trees coming....be aware
1 idea:
2 idea:
Thanks for watching!