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Permission To Move
Permission To Move | Three Easy Steps to Recover from Chronic Pain
I tried to be in the position of a person with chronic pain that Is going to watch this video.

Empathize with their despair, but thinking in hope motivation and relief, as the main feelings I wanted to bring on the table.
Represent the idea of someone listening you and understanding your pain, like a warm hug full of support and with some solutions too.

This piece also had an huge mix of different styles, I didn't want to being disconnect from one part to another but at the same time I wanted to show this different personalities, so as someone that is dealing with pain and has good and bad days I show a big diversity of moods, but keeping the "nature" of the piece anchored to a single character.
As we know someone that has huge pain can show different faces but Is the same person after all. 

We had the pleasure to team up with Australian Physiotherapist and author Dave Moen and to work along with his team on this mixed-media film for his second book “Permission To Move”, which takes a whole new perspective on how to treat chronic pain.
Needless to say that this was a dream project. We are known for being restless minds and working with such a vast range of techniques and styles was definitely a creative boost. We loved having so much freedom and the chance to carefully select which way to go to best communicate each of the concepts through the film.
Such a fun project to work on, and doing it along with a group of crazy talented friends just made it better.
Visit for the full case study.
Directed & Produced by Niceshit
Creative Direction: Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini & Rodier Kidmann
EP: Agusta Timotea
Music & Sound Design: Aimar Molero
Art Direction: Carmen Angelillo & Rodier Kidmann
Animation Direction: Guido Lambertini
Design & Illustration: Fede Kanno, Cesar Pelizer, Juan Molinet, Martín Salfity, Carmen Angelillo & Rodier Kidmann
Animation & Clean Up: Erik Righetti, Leo Campasso, Sebastian Baptista, Margarita Rojas, Martin Salfity, Cesar Pelizer, Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini & Rodier Kidmann
Puppets & Set Construction: Gacy Sarubbi
DOP: Agus Verrastro & Pablo Alfieri
Camera: Agus Verrastro & Pablo Alfieri
BTS Photography: Agusta Timotea
Camera Assistant & BTS Edit: Bruno Cosoli
Compositing & Color Correction: Matías Mastrogiano & Agus Verrastro
Storyboard: Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini & Rodier Kidmann
Special thanks to Ingi Guðjónsson & Hamill Industries
Permission To Move

Permission To Move


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