Warsaw – the capital city of Poland, Phoenix city. Warsaw was by far the most destroyed European city in World War II. Hitler decided to burn and blow-up the city in the act of revenge for the Warsaw Uprising. Neglected during 40 years of Communism, today Warsaw, like the proverbial Phoenix, is rising from the ashes, after almost half a century from the destruction. Contemporary Warsaw is the symbol of a generation change, ambition,persistence and the perseverance of Poles against adversities. Warsaw is the synonym of success and the development of new Poland.
Warsaw- Phoenix City. Reconstruciotn of city after 1945.
Final art. Original dimension: 17717 px x 11122 px (150 cm x 94 cm)
Desktop wallpaper. 6 dimensions
Download:    1920x1200      1920x1080      1680x1050     1440x900     1280x1024     1280x720

“Warsaw - Phoenix City"  is part of the exhibition ZVVYCIEZCY / VVINNERS organized by a GOVERDOSE (collective of designers from Poland) and  SURGE POLONIA (patriotic clothing brand)

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