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    Jewellery design by Chanchala for Bees In The Woods exhibition in Brighton, October 2013
Have you met Mr Tortoise? I found him in a reject pile in Sri Lanka because he had a defective shell. I promptly adopted him, and gave him a steampunk shell. He was so popular that I've now made a mould of him so others can enjoy their own defective little steampunk pet.
Most of my pieces are made from found objects which are old and unwanted. My line of steampunk jewellery began with a pile of old watch and clock parts which got caught in the 2004 Tsunami, courtesy of my Dad. He owns a shop in southern Sri Lanka which was badly damaged. There is so much joy in turning such a tragedy into beautiful pieces of history.
Prior to being a Designer/Maker, I was an experimental researcher in Engineering – and I think this comes across in my jewellery – both in the mechanical bits & bobs I recycle, and in my range of media - I love a challenge when it comes to turning junk into beauitful things you will adore. I also love it when things are both beautiful & functional.
Each piece here is unique, and my lines are transient, like my name, Chanchala, which means ‘ever changing’.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I respond very quickly. I can customize orders for you or custom-make your design.
I sell my handmade items locally in my home town along with other fantastic designer/makers and artists at:
Makers Boutique
Unitarian Church, Brighton
Fabrica Gallery, Brighton

You can also visit me at my Studio in central Brighton
By prior appointment through e-mail
I love sunny days, silk sarees, mechanical all sorts, Victorian era, 1920s, 1930s and 1960s vintage, the influence of which you will see in my work and collections.