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    Postcard for sponsorship meeting
Kitchen Table Advisors envisions a new generation of thriving small-scale, sustainable farms that produce healthy food and form the foundation of regional food systems.
This being a new farm start-up, KTA needed help preparing a branded piece without pre-established branding standards and on tight non-existent budget. Having a relationship with the founder, I was approached to volunteer my talents. I agreed because I believe in their cause.
Their initial need was a give away needed for their inaugural sponsor breakfast. They requested a piece that tells KTA's ethos, portrayed a farm-fresh feel, and spotlights a farm in their network. The goal of this piece was to obtain more sponsorship from both "the choir" and new converts. 
Below are my solutions to their needs.
Back side of Postcard
Inforgaphic (Upclose)
The theme of this infographic was to show the interconnectivity of KTA's main audience segments; Volunteer, Donor, Champion. They view these roles as pluralistic. The call-to-action is a request for people to take on multiple roles.
Icon Inspiration: 
Volunteer -  shovel representes work
Champion - blow horn represents voice
Donor-  watering can represents life force
Icons for Infographic
10/2013 eMail Campaign - this is the first branded piece for Kichen Table Advisors