2013 / 2016

The series of works made in the letterpress printing technique (linocut), where the clichés are represented by linoleum. While working in the technique, firstly, preliminary drawing is stylized and transferred to the mirror image. The width and depth of grooves depend on the resistance of the material and the pressing force of arms. Only those portions of the planks that were not removed by chisels are covered via paint roller. The print on paper is engraving under pressure. These steps of creating linocuts gives the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of lottery technology, where any angularity and imperfections give the air of handmade charm to the reprint. 

Tom Waits and linocut technique seems to be made for each other for the incredible charisma, plastic gestures and facial expressions of the musician. His gloomy grotesque image naturally go with black and white linocuts technique. 

I used the paint named "Deep Black" in my linocut works, which seemed to be trapped in its definition as a mediocre color, like the genius Tom Waits had to be trapped in the limited number of music genres. 

I dream about opening a bar in honour of Tom Waits and hang my engravings there.
Primarily the rough draft is created
Rubber rollers with ink
Stamp mold

Some defective prints to finish in posters