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"Belmont Bank" banking mobile app

Brief: Improve the landing page; improve the "Checking the latest transactions" and "make payments" use cases.
Target audience's motivations: be able to check different bank accounts; be able to make  actions effortlessly.
Business vision:"Belmont Bank" is a fictional retail bank addressed to millennials.
The bank required its mobile bank app to be modern but simple to use.
First sketches
Putting structure on data collected: Costumer journey map
Constructing the screens through annotated medium fidelity wireframes
I  set the various possible cards as the actual real representation of them (users can swipe 

Next to the name of the place where the transaction took place I also put the logo of the business.

When clicking on logo a separated page appears with the exact location on the  map where the related transaction had been made.

The app automatically suggests the available Belmont Bank recipients accounts thanks to the access to the user's  phone contacts.

The recipients are displayed with their profile photos if they have one.
The recipients can be notified via social media or messages.
 I created a High fidelity prototype by designing the screens through “Sketch” and then export the screens to Axure in order to create hotspots and render the prototype interactive. 
 Link to the Axure  interactive prototype:
Thank you!
"Belmont Bank" banking mobile app

"Belmont Bank" banking mobile app