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Killer hair salon rebrand based in Saint Benedicts Street, Auckland, NZ. Work created with Ellen&Ellen brand agency Auckland.
Killer Hair
Auckland, New Zealand
With a name like Killer hair the brand for this hair salon rebrand had a great opportunity to fulfill the promise of such a name. Leading with language rather than beauty shots begins to defy the conventional salon style and sets Killer apart.
The name and the strategy were the starting points for the personality and positioning for the brand. A challenging tone, edgy yet celebratory, 5 key messages, boldly stacked and cropped typography, with ownable language the complete package creates a resonant, in your face appeal.
Themes include: 
– Integrating the word ‘Killer’ and similar themes into the language reinforces and expands the name - of the salon. Truly ownable to Killer Hair. 
– Celebrating the creativity and differences of hair and customers by weaving in colours and styles. 
– Challenging… your style portrays who you are and who you want to be. The messages combine your - look with your attitude and a bit of humour. 
– Embracing sayings and clichés with a twist.