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    Packaging project of three CDs and visual concepts for different types of music.
In one of my introductory classes to graphic design, the teacher asked us to build a visual identity for three different types of music of our choice. We had to develop a visual for each type of music by using only dots of different sizes and arrange them how we felt it was the best to visually describe the music. I chose disco, metal and electronic, each category being very large, different and inspiring to me. 
Then, we had to handcraft a simple box in which we would place the CD with the same design printed on the CD itself and some patterns on and inside the box to make it interesting and eye-catching.
Keeping it light and simple was the key when building the box. My goal was to achieve a neat look and build a box that would be really easy to use and protect efficiently the CD inside, those two concerns beign the more important before anything else. Design means efficiency first.
So here's my completed project, hope you guys will like it!
- - - - -
The three boxes together as the finished product.
Boxes open with paterns inside. The CD slips in and out easily.
Elegant yet refreshing and modern look in black and white.
Back of the pocket witch a much more minimalist approach. On the front it is the music, and the back, the calm.
Many thanks for looking.
- - - - -